Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Look at L!

Lovely L was a Learning Legend! :)

Here's what we did, along with number 12!

 Stickered the next letter and number on our Review Charts.

 Sang the Leap Frog songs!

 Flashcards and Sandpaper Tactile Letters.

 Drawing L in the Salt Box

 Drawing L in the Paint Bag

 Number 12!


Tracing/ Driving on the Letter L road with a car,  and making a Letter L out of straws.

 Letter and Number cards with Alphie Robot

 I got out a carton of eggs and Butterfly was introduced to the word "Dozen", how a dozen means 12!

 Our Letter L pages for our Craft Alphabet Book, Capital L for Lion and lower case l for ladder.

Colouring a number one and two and then cutting them out and gluing them together to become a number 12!

 Using the Letter Builders to build L and l.

 Then decorating the L's with Love hearts and Ladybugs!

Sorting Upper case L's and lower case l's.  (I made my own ladybugs to save printer ink!)

 "Different" Worksheets  from

"Matching" Worksheets  from

 Colouring a ladybug, using only the two colours, and matching from the real picture.

 Size sorting

 Practice Cutting from

 Giant Push Pin poking, on the carpet, poking holes on the letter L lines.

I drew our own ladybug (to save printer ink again) for a cutting and gluing activity.

 Butterfly's final product!

 Laminated card for the Ladybug Writing Practice, using a wipe-off marker.

 Using a Wipe-Off Crayon on a laminated cardstock.

 Handwriting practice

                         Letter Find worksheet 

Counting worksheets from and

 Made this ladybug worksheet, counting the dots, writing the number in the box. Laminated paper so it can be used over again with wipe-off markers.

 Graphing/counting Ladybugs

 Matching up Ladybugs (Colours and Shapes)

 Pattern Matching

 Shape and Colours worksheet from


 Scratch N Colour a Lion

 Nature Journal entry

 Scavenger Hunt!

 We filled our box with a lobster trap, lion, ladybug card, lamb, lips, lollipop, licorice, 
light-houses, Lemon meringue doll, Lemon juice, L block.

 A game of Ladybirds with Mommy and Daddy!
Involves dice rolling and counting.

 Felt board songs on Lady bugs!
For many of them, click HERE!


 Thanks to Confessions of a Homeschoolers' great Ladybug printables for this week!
We're loving the Letter of the Week Curriculum!
I have seen so many skills learnt and improved by my little Butterfly!
Just this week she wrote her own name and even "Mom" !! I'm so proud :))

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