Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jumping J!

Letter J and Number 10 week is done.

Here's what we did:

Drawing J's in the salt box.

 Tracing J with Sandpaper Tactile Letters.

Reviewing our flash cards.  (Notice Butterfly pulled out our Jack in the Box to match the J card :)

 Writing J in the paint bag.

Charting our next number and letter in our Review Charts.

Tracing/ Driving on the J road.

Alphie Robot teaching J and number 10.

Making a J on the Peg Board using coloured elastic bands.
What I do is make the main points of the letter, then we both build the letter with coloured elastic bands, joining the points together, then Butterfly fills the letter in with more pegs to complete the letter, using the elastic band lines as a guide.  In preK or K, I'm hoping she'll create the letter herself from start to finish.  Preschool age, they still need the help/guidance.

The next pages for our Alphabet Craft Book.
J for Jaguar and j for jelly beans.

Bingo Dabbing the J's.  We usually put our paper on our old baking sheet because the Bingo Dabbers are full of a lot of ink and depending on how hard my lil' Butterfly dabs, the ink can soak through.

Using the letter builders to build the capital and lower case J.  These can be found HERE.

Then decorating the J's.  Capital was decorated with Jesus nativity stickers and lower case was decorated with Jewels.

Matching the coloured baby Jesus to the right colour word.
These game pieces are all printed on cardstock and then laminated.
J is for Jesus printables are from Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week Curriculum.

Sorting capitals and lower cases.

Spelling Jesus.

Nativity Lacing card.


Lining the managers up by size.

These lower case j's are in three pieces.  Butterfly matched the two halves and then dotted the j, while finding the matching colours.

Writing practice using a dry erase pen, as these booklets are laminated so they can be reused again.

Tracing J.

Clipboard writing/tracing practice.

Cutting practice.

Lining up the numbered nativity scenes in order...

...then matching the numbers with the magnetic numbers.

Cutting out and gluing to make a manager scene.

Finished product.
We used bits of felt for hay in the stable.  And Butterfly drew the rest of the people, and added animal stickers for the barn.

Graphing booklet.

A good friend gave Butterfly this Kumon Let's Fold book for Christmas.
Learning to fold on a line and matching the corners to get it straight.  We did two papers together which are animals playing peek-a-boo.   Butterfly calls them her "cards" and has been carrying them around.

We filled in another page in our Nature Journal.  This time instead of Butterfly drawing pictures of the items, she wanted to "write" them :))  I love it :)

Then we played the Scavenger Hunt game and filled a workbox with J items.

We filled the box with a jug, jack-n-box, a jar of jam, jaguar, jellyfish, a block with a J on it, juice, jet plane, and Jasmine.

To conclude another piece from the holidays, Butterfly played with the B & C Christmas Tree file folder game I made her.
Sorting the B words from the C words.  Butterfly had to look at the word on each gift and identify the first letter of the word, sorting the gifts to either the B tree or the C tree (using velcro).
We told Butterfly that the word we read to her that was on the gift was what was inside that present :)

Colouring sheets.

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