Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grocery Shopping

This weekend, we desperately needed a good grocery shop.  I told Butterfly what we're going to be doing that day, and she said she didn't want to go at all with much complaining.  (I don't blame her, grocery shopping is not exactly on my fun list either!)  An immediate idea came to me...I'm going to get her involved.  We'll make it a "field trip."

Butterfly has always seen me write our shopping lists of everything we need to remember to pick up.  So I cut a piece of paper in half and asked her if she wanted to make her own grocery list!  This got her excited. (Yes!)  What I noticed when she was writing it out was the fact that, for the most part, she was writing from Left to Right and going from the top of the page down towards the bottom.  The proper format of list making.  Wow!  So all our Letter of the Week handwriting/tracing work has now given her the correct natural flow of writing! Wahoo!  and she was never even taught to make a list!  My husband and I were quite amazed!

I asked her to read us her list.  Her list mostly consisted of raspberries, strawberries, coffee for Mommy and Daddy, and chocolate galore!  This girl hardly gets the stuff and she just fantasizes about it, lol!  It was "chocolate cereal, chocolate raspberries, chocolate bread, chocolate milk, chocolate apples, chocolate crackers..."   --Hahaha!

I found her a little pencil that she could carry along to "check" off her items while we shopped.
I wish I had my camera with me at the store, it was adorable watching her stop in the aisles to write on a shelf to check off her items!  omigosh, it was so cute!  We had a chuckle each time :)

So before we left, I had her pack her purse, with all the purse essentials a gal must have of course ;)

Car keys, cell phone, lipstick, credit cards and wallet, she even raided Daddy's wallet for some change to put in her own wallet.  As Daddy says, "Hey!"  I said, "You might as well get used it!"  lol!

So she got busy packing her purse for shopping, which of course included her lists and little pencil too!

Oh! and we can't forget the pretend makeup, and added dolly keychains!

 Butterfly was set to go and finally excited about grocery shopping!  (Well, that only made one of us! lol)

Oh, my little Diva :)

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