Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Art Class

Butterfly had her first Friday Art Class today and it was WONDERFUL!

The teacher is animated and engaging, singing songs, promoting freedom in creativity!
She reads an art story first, pertaining to the paint activity of the day.  Today it was about LINES- how they are straight, how they bend, curvey, wavey, swirley, ect.  

So today's paint activity was Marble Painting, rolling marbles making lines!  In foil tins, a sheet of paper sat, the children dipped a few marbles in separate paint colours and then threw the marbles into the foil pans.  The children waved the pan around and back and forth, while the marbles left trails of lines.

The teacher is great because she said to the adults, "Don't touch the kids!  Let me do what they want, let me create!  And if I see too much assistance from an adult, then I will set you up with your own art station and you can paint too!"  I thought:  AWESOME!

Butterfly got to do what she wanted and got messy the way she wanted.  My little Butterfly of course always goes off course with exploration and experimenting when it comes to paint.  She used her fingers afterwards in the paint, then used the clean up sponge and started sponge painting!  Then she wanted to be like Cinderella (who cleans up after her step-sisters in the fairy tale) and dipped her sponge in the water bin and got down on the floor and scrubbed!  The teacher was impressed and let her do her own thing- "she's exploring and experimenting!"

Next the teacher had the children glue their artwork on coloured paper.  Whatever colour they wanted.  Kids love glue as much as paint!  Butterfly spent a good amount of time "drizzling" patterns of glue on her coloured paper with her glue brush dipped and held up high, just watching it make twisty trails on the paper.

At the end of the class, the teacher masking taped all the paintings up on the windows and had the class come look at everyone's art work, like an art museum; studying them and talking about art.  So everyone's work was noticed and other details got talked about.

The first class Butterfly was not shy!  She was in her element, in the zone, concentrating and having fun!
I'm so thankful for this class.  Butterfly loves doing art at home so this is perfect for her!

We are going to look forward to Friday Art Classes now, and will post about it each week!  This teacher has some great ideas!!

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