Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Art Class

Another great Art Class today!

The teacher read this book:

Which was about 3 mice who play in primary coloured paint and when mixing it together they made 3 more new colours!

So today's fun was sponge painting with the primary colours.

 With all sorts of different shaped sponges.

Butterfly always goes outside the box with her creativity- fascinating to watch her really.
She started to rub her sponge across the page instead of dabbing anymore.
She said "I'm making the ocean!"  Her teacher said "Wow, look at those waves!"

This is the washing-up bucket which of course turned to a lovely purple by the end of it.  Which then became a temporary water tub play! heheh

Again, Butterfly incorporated the washing-up sponge with the art.  Brought over a loaded purple-water sponge to her next piece of paper.

She squeezed it out onto her paper, making a purple puddle.
Then wiped it and washed it all across the paper.

And did it again and again.
I think her thinking process was empty sponge to full sponge.  Distributing the water back and forth from sponge to paper.


Here's a cool tip for sponge painting we learned from the teacher:

Layers of wet paper towels in the bottom of the paint containers.  Then the paint squeezed out on top.
It prevented the children from gathering huge globs of paint onto their sponge and globbing too much onto the paper.  It means refilling the paint containers more often as the paper towel soaks it, but when the children sponge painted it gave a nice even painted print! No globs! -  I learnt a new thing today! :)

 Butterfly's finished Painting which is now hanging up on our Art Door at home right now:

Another great class!


  1. I love how creative she is! It's fun to watch her thought processes :) Love it!

  2. I love how this shows her creativity (and that the teacher gave her the space to do her thing). At our creche the washing-up bowl is always the place to hang out! Thanks for sharing with us at the Play Academy :)

  3. Perfect fun. Perfect way to paint and explore! So cute.

    I would LOVE for you to join us at Kids Get Crafty (every Wednesday on Red Ted Art) - current link up
    Hope to see you there!



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