Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Art Class

Today in Art class, Butterfly used all sorts of brushes, combs, and tools to paint with!

 Using secondary colours today.

And here's where she drops all brushes and tools and goes for the whole hand experience again!  Yup, that's my lil' Butterfly!  Never afraid to get messy :)

Scraping the paint with her fingernails for more designs.  Oh ya, great bath-time today- scrubbing right under all those nails!

 Get right in those paint trays.

 And there we have it.  A little girl who looks like she's been working in the Hershey factory all morning! :)

The washing-up bin... lovely brown water.

 This is a project they worked on for 3 consecutive weeks.  (Allowing drying time after each step.)

We made beads out of Crayola Air Dry Clay

 They were strung on skewers, the skewer sticks then placed upright in a styrofoam block to dry.

The following week we painted the dry beads.

Then they were put back the same way to dry.

Today, they were ready to be jewelry!

 Stringing them together

 to make a beautiful necklace!

It almost looks like a Flinstone necklace! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Owl Pillows I've made for friends.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pinkalicious & Snowy Blue

Tonight, Butterfly wanted to read Pinkalicious.
She wanted everything to be pink, everything focused on pink after we read the story!
Changed into pink clothes, played with only pink toys, wanted to be called "Pinkalicious"!

Next, Butterfly... errr, umm, I mean, Pinkalicious! wanted to colour Pinkalicious!
So I got out my Sharpie and drew her the best I could!

We found all the pinks (and reds- as Pinkalicious turns darker after eating more cupcakes!) and Butterfly went to town!  It was a very pretty pink picture! (Which can be viewed on the refrigerator now of course! :)

I wish I hadn't run out of eggs just today, because I was determined to actually bake pink cupcakes with her tonight.  So instead we found a bedtime snack that consisted of pink milk and pink apple sauce with a few pink star candies on top!

Earlier today, we built on our Missing Mitten Mystery snowman story from yesterday, and crafted a snowy snowman craft!

With cotton balls and a snowflake stamp with blue ink.

We also had a great time with our numbered HOPSCOTCH today, taped to the carpet floor!
We used wooden circle toys for the "stone throws".

We've been having such a good time doing all sorts of other activities and crafts, and with following Butterfly's creative ideas, we haven't even started our Letter M school work yet!  Meh, plenty of time for that, I say!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mitten Madness!!

Today Butterfly and her friend had some Mitten fun!
It's M Week and this book is full of M words!
Check out the title:

It's all about a little girl who lost her mitten in the snow during her outdoor play... at the end when she finds it, it's found in a very very special place!  ;))

With that type of ending a really cute craft can be made from it!  But I can't share the craft idea, it would give away the ending! ;))  Email me for it after you've read the story! :)

 After the story, we made our own mittens.  I drew a pair on cardstock and the girls used the colouredBingo Dabbers to decorate their pair!  (I tend to use an old baking pan under it as the Bingo dabbers' ink can leak through paper.)

A hole punch on each mitten and a little yarn tie, makes a pair of mittens tied together!

(And yes, I realized we made two left hands, thank goodness toddlers and preschoolers don't mind! :))

Here are a couple of games we played too:

We played our own Missing Mitten Mystery game!
We used a mitten and hid it around the house in different places each time, and the girls had to cover their eyes and then open them and find the missing mitten!  Then they each took a turn hiding the mitten for me to find too!

Then we found a whole pile of mittens from our coat closet, put them in a pile on the floor and the girls were encouraged to Match the Mittens!  Finding pairs!!  I think this was their favourite part because then afterwards they were trying on all the mittens on their hands... and feet!

Butterfly and her friend loved these "M for Mittens" activities as we stayed warm inside on this very cold day!

Muffin Tin Monday

This is a special Muffin Tin Monday for us.
It's our pet's 8th Birthday!
And every year Butterfly wants to have a birthday for her puppy.
So she chose to share her Muffin Tin Monday with her pet!

Here it is!  A Doggie's Delight!

With new bones to chew- including a cool donut bone!
And chewy dog snacks and biscuits.
Even her favourite human snack she's had ever since she was a puppy, Goldfish!

Yes, that's a lighted candle.
When there's a birthday, there's a Butterfly who wants the whole works.
We sung Happy Birthday to our dog and blew out the candle for her!

♫ ♪  Happy Birthday to our sweet dog!!  ♫ ♪

Great job to my Butterfly, great sharing!

(Now I really must highly disinfect my muffin tin, and totally dishwasher it!  I never thought I would be putting dog food in my dishes!!  lol)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Awards!

Rockabye Butterfly is honoured for it's Blog Awards recently received from Child Central Station.
Thank you!  :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mmmmm Books!

Letter M week is coming up!

We have a great choice of books starting with M!

 Mouse books!

 Laura Numeroff's Mouse and Moose books!

 Missing Mitten Mystery
Another Monster at the end of the book
Mr. Muddle
Franklin is Messy
Mr. Messy

Monkey books!

 Moving Day books

Lots of Mommy Books!

The Madeline series

 Books on Manners!!

 Mike Mulligan steam shovel
Muddle Cuddle
Mailbox Magic
Goodnight Moon
Moonbeam on a Cat's ear
Busy Monday Morning

Baby Einstein's Art series.  This book studies artists' work and it's a review of letters A through M.

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