Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Laminator- oh how I love you!

I've received emails asking what Laminator I use, so I thought I'd write a post about it.  I print out a lot from The Letter of the Week Curriculum, and I will most likely use it again, so to make the activities sturdy and durable through many uses, I print it out on cardstock and Laminate it with a clear plastic film that covers both sides of the cardstock.  We can use dry erase markers on our laminated sheets to be able to use our work over and over again as well.

The Laminator I use is the Xyron 900 9-Inch Creative Station.  This is AMAZING because there is no cord, so no plugging in, and no heat, and no loud motor!  And it comes with so many cartridge options- you can make stickers, removable stickers, magnets, and lamination.  I use the permanent adhesive when making my file folder games and lapbooks- instead of gloppy glue now.

Putting the cartridges in and out is so easy, open the top, pop in and out, and you can change your cartridges at anytime!  It's so simple!  And then all you have to do is turn the crank and out your sheet comes finished!

Watch how it's used on this Amazon video.

This is what a refill cartridge looks like:

You can find the cartridges HERE- you can certainly get the machine and cartridges cheaper online than what they are in stores.

LOVE this Laminator!!


  1. Hi, you said you use this for file folder games. I was wondering how? File folders are approximately 11.5 " and this is a 9" machine do you cut your file folders down? Thanks

    1. Hi! I use the laminator for any pieces or pages that need to be stuck down on the folder. or any loose pieces used for the file folder game. No, I don't laminate the entire folder. Hope that helps! :)


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