Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Christmas/ Winter Activities!

We are in the crafty seasonal mood!
We got this great Snowman painting idea from Erica's post on Heart of the Matter.

 We used water paint-pencil crayons and pastels!

And here are our creations:

My friend found these great stickers you can print out, I made it into a gluing project where Butterfly enjoyed making Christmas cards on her own.  Butterfly is getting great at using scissors now so she even helped me cut out the squares!

Butterfly's friend came over with her Little People's Nativity scene.
All the girls loved playing with this set.

I bought some Model Magic...

Butterfly and her friends modeled some tree ornaments, we poked a hole and let them dry overnight, then put a ribbon through to be hung.  Butterfly wanted to do her hand print as well!- I may put this in her Memory Box!

We also made Gingerbread Men!

Bingo dabbing Christmas trees from Confessions' new Preschool Christmas Activities!

We played some with some dark and light Play-doh, golf tees, and floral stones.

Poking tees in the Play-doh to make them stand up, then balancing stones. 

Made a cute little snowman...

And all sorts of other creations....

We worked on more of Confessions' new Preschool Christmas Activities

And Prekinders has A LOT of great Christmas acitivty ideas and printables!

Butterfly played with her Candy Cane File Folder game found HERE, matching the coloured candy canes to the coloured stocking!

Two more weeks of Christmas crafting left before the big day!  :)


  1. I love everything you did. There is such a variety in the mediums you used. The gingerbread man is my favorite.

  2. Thanks for teh link, looks like you had a great time! I like the play-doh and floral stones idea!


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