Friday, December 3, 2010

Delightful D!

We have finished Letter D week now, Butterfly has learned to recognize number 4, and has learned a lot about Dinosaurs!

We used our LeapFrog Fridge Magnets to hear the sound of D, and Butterfly and her Daddy built a number four out of the train track, which I thought was kinda neat because driving the trains in the 4-motion was some great practice on how to write a number 4!

We added the new number and new letter to our Review Charts.
You can download the number chart at Confessions' site here,
and if you'd like my alphabet chart, just click on "Contact Me" on the right hand side of my site, let me know and I'll email it to you!

Used our Sandpaper Tactile Letters, and reviewed the flash cards.

Paint in a bag, writing our letter for practice.

We grew a dinosaur!  in a glass of water, over 48 hours it grows to a larger size.

Alphie the Robot taught us about Dd and 4.

Driving a car on Road D- getting the feeling of writing D again.  Making the number 4 out of straws!

Peg Board with coloured elastic bands, Butterfly puts pegs down the elastic band lines as a guide to make a D!

Our next page entries in our Craft Alphabet book, lower case d for dinosaur and capital D for dog.

We found this dinosaur skeleton and cut and glue to put it together.  Butterfly recognized that dinosaur skeletons are found in museums as she remembers our last museum trip in the summer months, so she had to draw people around the dinosaur looking at the exhibit! :)

Dinosaur Painting!  We used our big dinosaur toys, dipped their feet in a dish of green paint and stomped them across a big piece of rolled paper, making dinosaur foot prints!


We made a dinosaur sensory bin, with aquarium sand, Easter grass, props and dinosaurs!

Magnetic pom poms (which I made with a roll of magnet strip and a bag of pom poms) and a cookie sheet.  Placing a pom pom on each circle.

These great D for Dinosaur work sheets are from Confessions of Homeschooler which you can download HERE.


Sorting capitals and lower case letters

Dinosaur sizes in order

Matching and putting together coloured dinosaurs

We worked on our Ravensburger dinosaur puzzle.  This box comes with two puzzles in one!

Do-a-dot worksheet from Confessions', we used our Bingo Dabbers, staying in each circle.

Bottle cap letters, learning to spell Dinosaur, matching the letters

Letter Builders- building the letter, can download these from Confessions.

Butterfly then decorated her D's with dinosaur stickers!

Colouring a Dinosaur sheet with our Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons (they don't roll off the table! :))

Stamping with dinosaurs!

I bought these Dinosaurs Stencils and Dinosaurs Stickers back in the summer on our museum trip, knowingly that we'd be doing some dinosaur themed learning.  This was the first time Butterfly learnt about stenciling.  At her age (3 years) she didn't quite get the concept of tracing the outlines, so instead we took crayons and just coloured the whole space pieces of a dinosaur while holding the stencil still, which then revealed a coloured in stenciled dinosaur.

Did I mention how much we love Scratch Art!  Scratch away the black and rainbow colours are underneath to make a rainbow design!

Check out this FUN dinosaur craft idea!  We painted two tissue boxes green, let them dry, then cut out "toenails" from sparkly sticky foam and stuck them on the front of the feet.  Butterfly STOMPED in her dinosaur feet roaring around the house!

We picked this cute Dinosaur sticker book up at the dollar store!  Oh how my Butterfly loves sticker books!

A dinosaur maze from a basic maze book we have, and check out the dino pencil to go with it! :)

Writing Practice from Confessions

Laminated writing practice using wipe-off markers and Jumbo wipe-off crayons

Cutting numbers out

and gluing them on the Dinosaur counting booklet

Putting the right amount of paper clips on each numbered dinosaur

Tracing our next number, 4

Working on patterns.  Patterns are still tricky for Butterfly.  The rhythm and repetition of saying them doesn't always click in.  So I asked a different question to get the right answer of "What comes next?"  Instead, I asked "What is in front of the pink dinosaur?"  She would reply "The yellow one", then she knew that the yellow one came next after pink!  So this might help in grasping the concept of patterns.

These patterned worksheets are from Kids' Learning Station

Shape Review- spreading big shape cards (from Confessions) out on the floor, and hopping to the shape I call out!  --I also get her to pick them up for me after the game, hehe, yes, I'm sneaky, by calling out a shape, she has to retrieve the right one and bring it to me!  It's a good active break from sitting at her table.

We did our Nature Journal entry

and then played our Scavenger game.
After that we reviewed D and 4 with online Youtube Sesame Street videos and online preschool games.
And then reviewed the Alphabet posted on our wall, which by the way, Butterfly knows the whole alphabet off by heart now (the song) and sings it repetitively throughout her day! :)


  1. I love the dinosaur tracks and the dinosaur feet! Too cute!!

  2. So fun! Thanks for linking up to the Tissue Box Challenge. =)

  3. The feet are so cute! I love this whole post.

  4. Really enjoyed your post.

    Found you via the tissue box challenge. Love all your learning activities :0)

  5. gr8 ideas .i think my kids will enjoy have lots of fun with these dino craft ideas

  6. This is an awesome site! thanks for sharing all of these wonderful ideas!

  7. The dinosaurs used to make footprints with paint are the perfect size for small hands! And didn't look too scary, either. Do you recall where you found those toys? Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

    1. I picked those dinosaurs up from a garage sale!

  8. Hi.where can i go to see all your ideas of all the letters of the alphabet pls.

    1. The tab at the top "Letter of the Week" or click on this link:


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