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What are Lapbooks?  Here's a definition from The Homeschool Mom:

"Lap books™ are a paper manipulative using file folders in which the student stores creative summaries of their work. The concept is similar to notebooking and some notebooking resources can be used in lap books, but the concepts do differ. Lap books™ are more than just notebooks with collections of worksheets, they are diagrams, minute books, and other paper manipulatives customized to emphasize the subject of the lap book™."

Squidoo says:

"Lapbooking can be done by any learner-- from preschoolers to adults. With this educational method, you make mini-books covering details that you've studied. After making a variety of mini-books about a larger topic, all the books are put together in a large folder. The finished product is called a lapbook because it's large and covers your lap.

The completed lapbook will serve as a review tool as your children refer to it over and over again. And if you have to keep a homeschool portfolio to document learning each year, lapbooks can be a very impressive addition."

At Butterfly's age, she is able to complete all the worksheets and booklets about our subject, and help decorate her lapbook.  As she gets older, she'll be the one folding the file folders, manipulating the pages and booklets to fit her work in her lapbook and basically eventually designing it herself, to show and store her collective information about the subject she is studying.

With that all being defined, here is our Christmas Lapbook that we have been working on!
And all these great worksheets come from Carisa's site at  1+1+1=1.  Carisa made The Nativity Preschool Pack, which are free to download/print out.

 I used two file folders, red and green.
A bow weaved up front to close the folder.

 The back is a pocket for the extra Christmas worksheets that Butterfly has completed.

 Inside the first red flaps, there is a colour booklet, The Animals with Baby Jesus, a Bible verse, a yellow envelope that holds the different Nativity scene sizes, and sorting Animals and People with laminated cardstock and velcro to take on and off.

 Opening the green flaps...

 A set of three mini books kept in the yellow envelope

 Numbered stocking, the second set laminated cardstock stuck on with velcro.  I take off all the stockings and Butterfly can match the numbers and "hang the stockings in a row!"

 On the right side, there is the Christmas ABCs book, a manger scene that Butterfly put together with a sticker set, a Christmas Counting pocket with laminated counting cards.

 On the left side, there are two more booklets, and a Christmas Shapes pocket with laminated Christmas shape cards.

This was our Farm Lapbook back in the Spring that we had made:

  Old MacDonald booklet, velcro-ed egg with a hatching chick.

 The inside of the lapbook, with a decorated animal-sticker barn :)

 Memory Game cards in a pocket, and the Farm Alphabet card set that Butterfly coloured.

 Velcro-ed chickens to go with a counting chicken poem.
A horse puzzle- basically just a horse colouring sheet that Butterfly coloured, I then laminated it and cut it in different shapes to make it a puzzle!

A few more books on tractors and fields of foods; eggs, hens, chicks; and farm words.

I like creating a pocket at the back of the lapbook to add in the extra worksheets on the subject that she completed, to keep it all together.

Butterfly has gone back to her lapbooks to play with the activities and we revisit the booklets and songs and velcro games.  It's a great review on what's been studied!

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  1. wow! those are very precious! This post should help a lot of newbies with lapbooking. Great post!


  2. These are so cute! I want to make some for my P's!

  3. What a great idea! I'm totally into lapbooking now :))


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