Friday, December 24, 2010

Gumball G!

Letter G and Number 7 week is now concluded before Christmas comes! 

Here's what we did this week:

 Charting the next letter and number, to be familiarized in what order they are in.

 Making a G in the paint bag

 Making a G in the salt box

 Making a G on the Peg Board with coloured elastic bands.

 Driving (tracing) a road G with a car

Alphie Robot teaches us letter G and number 7.

Our next pages in our Alphabet Craft Book- G for grass and glitter!

Cutting practice sheet

 Cutting and gluing gumballs in candy machine.

(These great worksheets come from Confessions of a Homeschooler)

Colour by Number

 We tried something new this week- "Fuze Art" !
Placing beads on a plastic peg board, using tweezers (great fine motor skill to practice), making a picture and then ironing it with the ironing paper on top.  It fuses the plastic beads together to make your creation whole!
So we decided to pick something with G...

 Butterfly wanted her G-word to be God :)

 G is for gumballs!
Homemade magnetic pom poms on a baking sheet.

 We built our upper case and lower case G with our Letter Builders.

 Butterfly then decorated the G's with "Gifts!"

 I drew these little gifts with markers on cardstock, then ran them through my awesome Laminator, using the adhesive cartridge- which turns them into stickers just by peeling off the waxed paper back- they become sticky!

 I love how Butterfly's G's turned out!  (with a few additional Christmas gifts stickers we had on hand as well!)

 Spelling Gumball with letter matching

 Pushpin poking-- with this Giant Push Pin with the paper on the carpet, Butterfly pokes holes along the letter lines- another pre-writing activity.

 Soring upper case and lower case

 Arranging gumball machines in size order


(Again, these great worksheets can be found  HERE.  I print on cardstock and laminate for durability.)

 I cut these coloured gumball machines in different wacky halves- Butterfly finds the matching halves and puts them together.

 Tracing Gg with a wipe-off crayon.

Then using our Bendaroos (which are like waxed string), we form our letter.

 Writing practice with a wipe-off marker on the laminated booklet.

Tracing G's and 7's.

 Large floor numbers- we made ours into a hopscotch!  (I've learnt to use a piece of masking tape on the back to tape down on the floor so they don't slip on the carpet as Butterfly hops.)

 Counting out gumballs

Building a patterned pyramid.
At this point, Butterfly matches the colours right on the sheet, but eventually when she's a bit older, to use spacial concept to build the pyramid on the table while looking at the sheet as a guide.

 Shape halves- reviewing shape names.

Cutting and gluing pattern work

 Our next entry in our Nature Journal.

 Butterfly loves doing the Scavenger Hunt!
Butterfly filled her Gg box with a girl, gorilla, grapes, goat, green glitter, and green (craft) grass.

And at the end of each letter week, we always review our letter and number with a computer game and online videos about the letter and number of the week.  It's definitely creating more familiarity with the computer for Butterfly and having hand-on-mouse practice.

H is next week and H is for the HOLIDAYS!  Merry Christmas! :)

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