Tuesday, December 21, 2010

G is for Gingerbread!

G week has started and we spent the day on Gingerbread!

Our good friends/neighbours gave Butterfly Gingerbread Baby- LOVE Jan Brett's illustrations, just beautiful and so detailed!

Our friend made a Gingerbread Baby Lapbook for Butterfly!  What a wonderful homeschooling gift that ended up giving us some precious time together today!

Butterfly added some beautiful scrapbooking stickers that were apart of the gift to the folder.  She wrote her name at the top (with help), and I wrote what the story was about, in her own words, (it will be cute to read that later on- exactly what she said about the book!)

At the back of the folder there is a puzzle with velcro, and we can play this with dice as well using the numbered agenda!

The inside of the folder...

The gingerbread house with a little velcro gingerbread baby that goes inside, just like the story :)

Mini books...

The activities in the big folder...

 Sizes- Butterfly did both, large to small, and then small to large.


Matching the lower case girl gingerbreads to the upper case boy gingerbreads.

As apart of Butterfly's gift she also got this gingerbread house clear stamp!  How cute!

And then of course after reading and playing with cookies, Butterfly and I agreed that we needed a cookie snack ourselves!! :)  So we made some!

The night we gift exchanged with our friends, we also made a Gingerbread house together!  Which intrigued Butterfly into the story more today since she had just completed one the night before!

We ended our G for Gingerbread day with a couple more Gingerbread Man stories- the original classics!

"Run Run as fast as you can,
You can't catch me,
I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

Here's a lot more activities and songs to build on a Gingerbread Man theme- Click Here!
And more Gingerbread song ideas- Click Here!

To make your own Gingerbread Baby Lapbook- Click Here!

And thank you to our wonderful friends who made this great Gingerbread Baby gift for us!  It is being well loved! :))


  1. It turned out so cute!! Love the stamping too. :)

  2. I'm glad Butterfly likes it!! It was fun to make! (even though it was late bhahaha)


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