Friday, December 17, 2010

A Fishy Week!

Letter F and Number 6 week went great!  Butterfly is definitely getting to know her letters, pointing them out when she sees them throughout her day, and grasping the concept of pre-reading skills!  It's wonderful for a mommy to be able to experience the learning her baby is going through and to see it first-hand!

 Butterfly used her Sandpaper Tactile Letters to trace the upper case and lower case F's.

Taking a look at the flash cards for F and 6... finding out what starts with F.

 Recording the next letter and number on our sticker charts.

 I made something new this week.  A Salt Box which helps with beginning penmanship.
So we practiced writing F in ours.

Making an F with the Peg Board and coloured elastic bands

Then Butterfly got creative and made rainbows! with many coloured elastic bands on pairs of pegs.

Alphie the Robot teaching us letter F and number 6

Driving (tracing) an F road.

 Lacing acitivity- F is for Fish

Making an F out of straws

 The next pages in our Alphabet Craft Book- a fox and a flower

 Practicing some fine motor skills, Butterfly used an eye dropper, water, and suction cups at the bottom of these fish mats.  Carefully filling each suction cup with a drop of water using an eye dropper.

Next:  A Fishy Craft!
 Wrap a rolling pin with bubble wrap! using double-sided tape.

 Roll in paint (or paint with a paint brush) bubble wrap with blue paint.

 Roll across a large sheet of paper or butcher paper.
This becomes the water- full of bubbles- for the fish!

 I got a large sponge and cut it into a fish shape with scissors.
Butterfly "stamped" the fish sponge in pink paint and then in her "bubbly water."

 We then dipped our 6-shaped sponge and made a 6 for six fish.

 Butterfly dotted eyes on the fish.

 And voila!  F is for Fish, swimming in water with bubbles, 6 of them for our number of the week!

 We then made our own stamp, using a jar lid!
Cut a fish out of foam...

 use a hot glue gun to stick it on the lid.  I made two layers of foam to have it stick out.

Using a stamp pad, stamp fish on paper!

 Using Confessions of a Homeschooler's  great fish work sheets.
We used floral stones for this sheet this time.

 We played Fishing For Letters!  Printed on cardstock, laminated, and cut out, a metal paperclip attached to each fish's nose, and we used our Melissa & Doug fishing rod from our puzzleto fish for letters.
I would call for a letter, ie:  "Fish me an upper case F" and Butterfly would lower the magnetic string rod to fish it out of the pile!

To make your own fishing rod:  a stick, string, and magnet at the end of the string!

 We then played with our Melissa & Doug Magnetic Fishing Puzzle.

 We got this great wooden fish-turtle puzzle from a friend who visited Cancun Mexico and brought Butterfly back this great souvenir.  It was a fun "fishy" addition to our week!

 Cutting out and gluing the fish together, activity.

 Look how cute Butterfly made her fish!  It's so sweet how she put it together!  It makes me giggle :)

 Fish puzzle

 Fish sizes- this time we started with small- then to big!

 Fish Match-up.  I cut these in all sorts of different ways!

 F is also for Farm!  We used our felt board and sang and played with Old MacDonald Had a Farm!

 Building a fish pyramid following the pattern.

 Sorting upper case and lower case fish.

 Spelling Fish in upper case and lower case letters.

 Using the letter builders to build Ff.

 Then decorating the F's with stickers that start with F- faces, fish, flowers, farm-animals.

 Colouring a fish picture.

 We worked on our Farm puzzles...

 Using our Bendaroos, we made our F's.

 Butterfly worked on her Fish pre-writing booklet which is also from Confessions' site.

 Writing practice...

 Butterfly worked on her numbers using her foam puzzle

 Fish Measuring using Goldfish crackers

 and fish counting.  This was certainly a yummy activity!

 Counting booklet, counting the objects- to identify the answer to the correct number of ojects- you can use a dry erase marker on the laminated card, or placing a floral stone or manipulative on the right number, or clothespins can be used- clipping the clothespin on top of the right number.  Today we used the stones to mark the right answer.

Writing number 6 again

 Fish counting and Fish graphing booklets.

 Reinforcing shapes with Baby Einstein books

 and a shape puzzle.

Cutting and gluing a patterns worksheet.

 Recording our next journal entry in our Nature Notebook, following the Charlotte Mason method.

 And lastly, our Scavenger Hunt!

 Butterfly put in her box:  Fish, Flowers, Frogs, "Friends" (two small dolls), and her FOOT! :))


  1. Just had to comment again! I LOVE the bubble wrap fish painting! How fun!! And I think we will do a fish stamp with foam and a jar lid. I saw an idea like that on pinterest and wanted to try it. I wish we had bubble wrap! I might have to go to the dollar store this weekend! I also think we're going to use stickers on the Confessions of a Homeschooler Ff's. Love your blog :)

    Sierra @

  2. Wow!! So many great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  3. how did u get the uppercase do a dot and lower case on same paper

    1. From here:


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