Thursday, December 9, 2010


Letter E and Number 5 have come and gone!  Butterfly was on a roll this week and went through her workboxes faster than usual.  She just eats these activities up.  I'll take this school-lovin' attitude for as long as I can!  :)

Singing with LeapFrog Fridge Magnets is usually our first task of the week, to hear the sound of E!

 Placing the next sticker number and letter on our charts.

 Flashcard memory, and Sandpaper Tactile Letters for finger tracing.

 Writing an E in our paint bag!

 A simple card-board cut-out E lacing card with egg stickers.  Just hole punched and used Gimp string.

 Learning E and 5 with Alphie the Robot!

 Driving a car on an E-road... getting the feel of writing E in another fun way!

 Making an E out of straws-- look at Butterfly's creation! :)

 Using a Peg Board and coloured elastic bands to make an E.

 Scratch Art- Butterfly scratched a rainbow E!

 The next pages in our Alphabet Craft Book-  E for envelopes and elephant!

 Magnetic pom poms
These E elephant sheets are downloadable from Confessions' awesome site!

Lining up the elephants in size.

 Elephant puzzle

Colourful elephants- printed on cardstock and laminated, I then cut them in unusual ways to match the pairs up to make complete elephants!

 Using the Letter Builders to make Ee.

 Decorating the E's with egg stickers!

 Sorting Capitals and lower case E's.

Spelling elephant by matching the letters.

 Practicing with scissors

 Using a Giant Push Pin on carpet, poking holes along the E, staying on the lines, another fun way to get the feel of how to write Ee's.

 Colour by Number

 E colouring sheet, everything in the E starts with E, amazing art work alphabet sheets HERE.

 Wipe-Off Markers on laminated Ee sheet, writing Ee.

 Clipboard writing practice

Since eggs begin with E, I got our Easter eggs out and wrote the letters that we have covered so far on five eggs, capital on top, lower case on the bottom half.  We reviewed them, then cracked them open and mixed them up.  Butterfly then had to find the matching pair, matching the capital to the lower case to make the egg whole again.  And of course, storing them in an egg carton is handy!

 Eyes begin with E!  Let's play I Spy!  This idea is from No Time For Flashcards.

Butterfly dictated what she saw from each I Spy location as I wrote them down.  She loved this game!  (I'm laughing at the last item in the last location that I had to write down, lol!!)  Then we decorated the page with eyes of course! :)

 We then played I Spy with our homemade Eye-Spy Jars, recycled bottles with rice in it, and added treasures.  I got the idea from Magic Onions.  I say to Butterfly, "Find me the yellow leaf" and she has to shake and move the jar all around until it pops up from under the rice!

Putting the right amount of stone gems on each numbered elephant.

Patterns- cut and paste

Our Shapes Workbook - its a sticker book, that we have been working in.  I think this was a great dollar store find!

Tracing and stickering number 5

Our E scavenger hunt- a little trickier, we could only find a plastic egg and elephants to put in our box :)

These I just purchased here as everyone has been talking about all these great uses with Bendaroos!

It's like string dipped in wax- and you can bend and mold these strips into shapes and things.

They work great at making letters on laminated sheets- sticks right to the plastic!  Butterfly and I are loving these!

We ended our week with a family fun game of Elefun!  This is Butterfly's FAVOURITE!

 Set the elephant up in the room, turn it on, and it blows all the butterflies up through his nose and out, the kids have to catch the the butterflies in their net!  It makes for a lot of laughs!

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