Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Stories!

We are big on books in our house, and as I said in a previous post, our collection has grown with the art of yard sale hunting!  So we spend very little to get a wide variety of children's literature.

This month we have a Christmas Bin down in the living room to read Christmas stories at any given time.  Butterfly and her friends often dip into the bin to just quietly look at these on their own, or hand me one to read to them.

Even our pooch takes a look! :)

It would be a lot of photos if I showed you all of the Christmas books we have, so I've picked out the popular, well-liked ones; as well as the Classics and some other great stories that are enjoyed.  It may give ideas to our web friends on what stories to study or library-lookup if you missed any.

Here are Butterfly's favourite character books:

Some of the great Classics:

These are fun and well- liked ones:
"M is for Mistletoe" is the whole Alphabet using Christmas items.

The I Spy books are always popular, searching for items in a decorated Christmas scene on each page.

These are fabulous ones too, especially "Olive the other Reindeer"-such a cute story!

To obtain a clear title/author, just click on the image to receive the full-size.
If it's still a little tricky to read, pop me an email and I'll send the info to you no problem!

Remember what they say, aim for at least 20 minutes a day to read to your child!
Happy Holiday Reading! :)

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