Sunday, November 14, 2010


This past week Butterfly and I completed the Letter A.  We had our workboxes full for our week.
What are workboxes?  Well, it's an organized system to keep your lessons and activities all together in working sections, even including the materials needed.  When it's time to come to the next learning activity, it's all right there for the student.  Older children use a whole system (all the boxes) in one day.  Younger children, when they are homeschooling just an hour or two a day, can use the whole system in a week.  We use all 10 drawers in one week.  

Here's what ours looks like, we ordered our workboxes online.

You can use workbox cards on your drawers.  Numbering the drawers makes it easy to record what you have planned in each box in your Teacher's Log (record keeping).  Also, when we are done a box we flip the number card to the right side to show that that box is now completed.  (We attach them with velcro.)
You can also label your boxes on the subject/activity they hold inside.

Homeschool Creations has workbox activity cards to print out, Heart of Wisdom have some workbox tags as well.  The "help" buttons you can use on a box when your child will need help with that specific box work- like a lesson or direction that the parent needs to teach with that activity.  

We used the Princess number cards from Confessions', she has other character cards she made as well, under "Workbox Printables".  What's in the Box has lots of ideas of what to put in workboxes for different ages.

It's working great for us.  I like to be very organized and keep things organized, so this definitely helps with the week's planned activities, and in keeping all the needed materials for the activity, right in the drawer with it!  So I don't have to run around the house searching for all the needed items before starting.  We just pull the next drawer right out and bring it to our work table!


  1. Wow, I was just looking for some storage ideas! I find this one from called the 'Akro-Mils 10144 44 Drawer.' There's a drop-down menu if you need small or large options. The website is:

  2. Wow, that is an awesome storage system you found on Amazon, I can see all our little craft supplies in their own containers easily stored with that!


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