Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh, I "C" !!

Our C week went well.  Butterfly has got the sound for C down pat, and C is an easy letter to learn to draw- especially when the "mommy" (capital) and the "baby" (lower case) are the same shape as well!

 Teaching the letter C with the LeapFrog Fridge Magnets
 and Sandpaper Tactile Letters for tracing.

 Flashcards for Letter C and Number 3, and writing C in our paint bag.

Practicing C and 3 with the alphabet wipe-off cards and number wipe-off cards.


 Marking our number and alphabet charts with our next number and letter of the week.

 Driving a car on road C for tracing, then making a C on our Peg Board with pegs and coloured elastic bands.

 Erica's Caterpillar C lacing card that I printed on card and laminated, then hole punched.
I would have to say this is not Butterfly's favourite activity- she just doesn't like sewing at this stage. :)

 Alphie the Robot teaches C and 3!

 Gluing Cotton- which begins with C- on letter C

 Practicing Scissors Skills with Chickens and Chicks (C words!)

 For our Alphabet Craft book, our C pages

 Working on magnet pages- different sized circle magnets on an old baking pan.
Notice the Carrots (a C snack!)  :)

 Bingo Dabbing C for Caterpillar

 More activities from Erica's work- Sorting sizes

 Matching capitals and lower case


 C for Colours!- Sorting the Three Bears Family Counters.
The coloured plates are Ikea.  Sorting colours is now a breeze for Butterfly at this stage- but the act of organizing she loves to accomplish- that's my girl! :))

 Erica's bottle cap activity- spelling Caterpillar

 Kumon's Let's Color book- Butterfly did the Clown and Cake page

 C for Colouring!

 Practicing handwriting- drawing lines on the Cat and Cupcake page, along with a basic maze book

 Colourful pom poms and a jar- working on fine motor skills using tongs and tweezers to pick up the pom poms to fill the jar.

 A file folder game of Colours I had made.  The coloured squares are out of Craft Foam, with a little velcro, Butterfly attaches them to the colour word square.  The last square she can put her favourite colour in :)

 A good friend had made this colour game for Butterfly, using paint chip cards!
Butterfly had to match the clothespin (good fine motor skill- finger-thumb pinching) to the matching shade of colour.

 C is for castles! Check out Butterfly's masterpiece :)

 Colours File Folder game which can be found here for downloading.

 Using the paint chips, I made colour shades file folder games- matching the shades together.

 I love free paint chips! - I used this ring-held book to test Butterfly's colours in english and then in french with her and her friends.

 These paint chip cards I got two of each colour and we played a matching memory game together!
Turn over only two at a time, taking turns, trying to find a pair!

 Colour words which can be downloaded here.

 Awesome file folder game that Erica from Confessions' made can be downloaded here.

 We worked on Graphing, Caterpillar style!

 Counting with clothespins! (putting the right amount of clothespins on the numbered caterpillar)

 Playing dice games, great for counting and learning how to play basic board games.


 Matching a number with the right amount of caterpillars.

 Practicing number 3

 I made a Caterpillar hopscotch game for Butterfly and her friends.

 Butterfly loves the Scavenger Hunt game.

 We found carrots, corn, a C on a block, circle, chick, cake, cat, cow, cars, and clowns!

 Our Nature Book entry, following Charlotte Mason's Approach, and learning to record what we've learnt.

And of course ending the week with a family game together!  Candyland begins with C!
Butterfly is hooked on this game :)


  1. Emma @ http://paintsandpuddles.blogspot.comNovember 27, 2010 at 6:27 PM

    Oh, I'm so glad I've found you!!! I'm thinking of homeschooling my nearly 4 year old, and I'm finding it so hard to go against the tide and do what I think is right rather than what society expects me to do. You are an inspiration - I love what you're doing! For your computer time (as I've just been reading that post too) you could try - its a tv show we get over here in the UK. The episodes are only 2/3 mins, you can watch them online and there are little games and colouring sheets and bits to go with it. Hope you find it useful.

  2. Your caterpillar and crab artwork are so cute! I just made both of these with my 4yo and he loved them. Thanks for sharing


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