Sunday, November 14, 2010

Letter A

This past week we just finished our A work.  My Butterfly now recognizes big A and little a (we call capital letters "mommies" and small case letters the "babies"), she knows the sound A makes, and knows a few words that start with A.  She can even somewhat write A and a.  I think a whole week of reinforcing the same letter helps it to be learned.  We also learned the numbers zero and one.  (We'll be doing a number with the letter as well.)  By next Summer, I am hoping she recognizes and knows all the letters of the alphabet and all the numbers to 10, at least.

Here's what Butterfly accomplished.  (If I don't specifically say where the activity is from, it's most likely from Confessions' "Letter of the Week" curriculum.  Most of our work is from her fabulous work!)

Matching two halves on a letter A card

These are our sandpaper cards that I ordered from here.  It's a Montessori tool where the letters are sandy-rough so it's tactile for the child to finger trace the letter.  It makes it easier to stay on the letter when tracing, teaching pre-writing skills.

Introducing number one.  
These are a pack of number flash cards, a puzzle, laying the three cards side by side to say "one green turtle".

These are our "Review Charts" which I am keeping in the first box every week.
 We place the letter sticker on the letter we are going to be studying, and the same for the number chart- putting the number on the chart that we are going to be studying.  This way every week Butterfly knows where in the alphabet the letter is and where in numerical order our new number is.

These are Trend cards that erasable markers can be used on so we can use them over again.
Butterfly practiced number 1 and letter A with  alphabet wipe-off cards and number wipe-off cards.

LeapFrog FridgeMagnetic Alphabet Set, saying the sound of the letter and singing the Letter song

I made this letter A "roadway" out of construction paper, white crayon, and then laminated.
Butterfly "drove" her yellow car on the roadway- again getting a feel of how to write an A.

Tempra paint in a bag (tape shut) makes for a squishy new way to practice writing letters in!

Alphie the learning robot, the new toy on the market!  He has some great letters, numbers and phonics cards, a fun way to play learning games.  Butterfly got this for her birthday from her Grandparents and loves playing with Alphie because he talks to her giving a lot of positive reinforcement!

Peg Board- we put the main points on, and like a Geo board, we use coloured elastic bands to make an A.
Then we filled in the letter with more pegs to make our A.

Out of cardboard, I made Butterfly an A lacing card.  
Although my little Butterfly just doesn't like to "sew" it seems, not one of her favourite activities. 

Cut and paste to finish the pattern.  Patterns is something Butterfly doesn't fully grasp yet. 
With each week, we'll try to work on it, I know it will eventually come to her.

Every week we are going to do a craft with the capital and the lower case, making it into something that starts with that letter.  I have started an "Alphabet Craft Book" with a duo-tang, we'll be putting our finished letter crafts in plastic sheets, so eventually we'll have the whole alphabet in one book that Butterfly made!  It will remind her of the "mommies and babies" and what words start with that letter.

Roll an Ant game - practicing using a die and counting, along with matching the picture- spacial concept.
And matching capitals ants with their same coloured small letters.

This is a File Folder game- Apple Sorting- which is from Homeschool Share.

Aa Puzzles- these are printed on cardstock and laminated.

Sorting and matching capitals and lower case A's.

Organizing the apples and ants from biggest to smallest.
I found a way to get Butterfly to put the sizes in order! I put them all in a group and say, "which one is the biggest?" She'll pick out the biggest one and put it in line, then from the left over group again- "which one is the biggest?"- she'll put it in line. Keep going with that same question. They always know which one is the biggest from the pile. Then she realizes it goes from big to smaller.  It's a start in learning this concept until they can pick them out and sort them in order themselves.  Next time I'm going to try the opposite way and ask the question, "Which one is the smallest?"

 A baking pan and magnetic pom poms.  With a package of pom poms and a roll of sticky magnet, I was able to make magnetic pom poms for her to fill in the circle pictures on a metal pan.

Matching the circle letters on the word- pre-writing/spelling skills
and Letter Builders (cardstock and laminate)- building the capital and lower case.

I bought these coloured plastic ice cubes from the dollar store- a colourful manipulative to build the letters.
Then Butterfly decorated her capital and lower case with crayons and stickers- staying within the A's.

With laminate I can reuse these sheets for practicing writing skills.  We use erasable markers!

A giant pushpin, on carpet, punching holes on the A lines- more reinforcing on how to write an A.
And a colouring sheet.

Practicing writing an A and writing the number one.

Water painting more A sheets.
And recognizing capital and lower case A's by circling them.

Scavenger Hunt!  Filling our workbox with things that begin with A!

An alligator lacing card.
I picked up "Scratch N Colour" from Michael's craft store. I scratched an A on the card and Butterfly got to colour and decorate it.  You basically scratch away the black surface with the wooden stick and the rainbow colours underneath show through.

Numbers and counting and graphing!

Getting to know zero and one.  Gem stones in the lines, writing in the lines.

Cut and paste- counting the number of apple seeds.
Apple tree hopscotch!

Shapes game- I said a shape and she had to hop on it!
Cutting and gluing the shapes in the right silhouette. 
(At this point I do most of the cutting, but she holds the scissors well and practices basic cutting.)

We got these magnetic foam shapes.  I made this shape sheet design with markers and then laminated it.  Put it on a metal pan and she can match the magnet shapes to make the picture!

Matching shapes

Our Nature Journal- we write/draw anything about nature in it,
incorporating the Charlotte Mason approach.

And the books we used for this week- apples, ants, armadillo and the Letter A book.
We also used our giant animal encyclopedia book to look up alligators and armadillos- to see what they look like in real-life, since we were talking so much about A animals.

And that includes our A week!
Coming up- B week! and number 2!  :)


  1. I love all you are doing. How old is your daughter, I have 32month old and after the 1st of the year hope to do something like this with her.

  2. My daughter was 3 years old in this entry. Right after her 3rd birthday I started this curriculum work. We are now in our second year of it, she is now 4 years old. I hope your daughter loves the activities, my daughter is still loving it!

  3. So excited to find your great ideas! My daughter just turned three and we have begun tot school. looking for more ideas to introduce letter recognition

  4. Do you have a set of the 4 piece Alphabet Puzzles that can be copied? Love your ideas.

    1. You can find the letter of the week printables here:

  5. I just love all the hands on activities you are working on. You are truly a blessing. This year I will be working with pre-k and your sight is truly a blessing so I will have time to look and make activities for my little ones in the fall. Thanks again (The Busy Bees from room 35)

    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! :)

  6. I just found your blog via pinterest and LOVE what you've got here using the letter of the week and all the great ideas you add in. Very inspiring! I'm glad you've kept these pages on your blog available.

  7. I am so happy I came across you. I have a 3.5 year old who I teach at home. I was looking for info that is practical and easy to learn- you are really good at this. I suppose your baby is now 6! Are you still home-schooling? I would love to know more. Thank you.


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