Monday, November 22, 2010

C is for Computer!

We've started into Letter C week (and number 3)!

In one of our workboxes, I have an index card that says "Computer Time".

Ahead of time, I find videos/ online kids' games that pertain to our theme, and bookmark them for when we come to our Computer Time.

I show Miss Butterfly how to use the mouse during the simple games. Right now it's hand-over-hand, she sits on my lap.  Great bonding activity, fabulous for eye-hand coordination and it teaches the basics of the computer; we all need computer knowledge in this day and age.

Here are some sites we use to find our letter/ number of the week (just click on the highlighted title):

Sesame Street's site has great Letter videos!  Just find the Letter you're working on and it will have easy games/ videos on that letter!

Bus songs has a ton of songs and lyrics.  Scroll down a bit and on the left hand side in the orange box ("Find Songs Alphabetically"), you can click on your letter of the week and find a whole list of songs to use that start with your letter!

The Home Teacher has a lot of ideas!  Just click on your letter and you get lists of videos, songs, books, fingerplays, links, activities, crafts, meal ideas, printables, science and math... all pertaining to that specific letter!

Starfall has great simple computer games, great for Butterfly to learn to click with the mouse.  Just chose your letter and it's bright and capturing for preschoolers!

You can also Youtube Sesame Street with your letter or number- and a whole bunch of videos will come up!  I also searched Youtube with just "Letter C" and lots of kids' videos come up with Letter C songs!

If you know of other sites, let me know if there any other great Letter/ Number online basic games sites for preschoolers!

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