Monday, November 15, 2010

B is for Books!

We started B today, "B" for my little Butterfly!!  :)

The books I have picked for letter B week are:

Ballerina and ballet begin with B! - Butterfly's favourite!
Bus, boats, and balloons are great B books!

Books on bunnies and Berenstain's Bears' B Book!
We have quite a few Berenstain Bears books, but for this lot I chose "Holding Hands at the Big Mall"
since this time of year, with many Christmas shoppers, malls can be crazy busy- so it's a rule reminder for Butterfly.

Books on butterflies and bees!

Every Spring, our family "Garage Sale Hops"!
Mostly every weekend, when yard sales start flooding, we hunt the ads and write down all the addresses within our area, make a map and order of which to visit of when they first open.
We wake up early, grab a coffee at the drive-thru and go nuts for deals!
This is how I have gotten lots of great educational toys and BOOKS!
I mean people sell their books for as cheap as 10 cents!  Brand new, books are expensive!
I have found the readers I used in grade school and some of the original stories I grew up on!  
I am so happy to pass that onto Butterfly. 

Mostly all the books we are showing on our themed weeks are from our own home library.
Call me Super-Organized, but I have them categorized by theme... because of the volume we have, it makes it easier to find the books we want on the subject we want to read about.
We have 6 different areas/bookcases in the house full of our books, this photo here is our main homeschooling shelf where I have these books categorized.

There's file folder boxes of subjects- on things like the seasons, holidays, dinosaurs, transportation, community, feelings, bugs, school, manners, birthday, space, animals, certain authors (to name a few :).
Then there's a square (for the ones we have many of) for Dr. Suess books, French books, Christmas books, easy readers, our Bible stories, animals and farm, and bedtime books.

Even as young as a one year old, I would leave some baby board books in the corner of her crib, when she woke up in the morning, we found her sitting up in her crib flipping through the pages of her little books :)

One of the things I want to model to my Butterfly, is a love for books!


  1. You are SUPER organized! Great job!

  2. Oh I love it. I have our books organized by the month in magazine cases just like yours. I like the theme Idea too.


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