Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring, Easter, Earth Day Printables and Worksheets!

Spring is here!  and Easter is coming!  Earth Day too!

Here are our fun Hand-Drawn Spring Printables for you
to keep the learning going for all your little chicks!

Planting Package of 11 printable worksheets!


April Showers Bring May Flowers!
There's lots of Rain in April, Let's talk about how Water Works!

Thank you for your Support! :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chemical Educational Foundation

Check out this post from the Chemical EducationalFoundation®
They are offering Free Science Lesson Plans!
Have you been looking for free resources to get your kids excited about science? Hunting for fun activities that use household materials and are accessible to parents and educators with non-science backgrounds? I’d like to invite you to try the You Be The Chemist® Activity Guides: Lesson Plans for Making Chemistry Fun. The Activity Guides are FREE to download and recently won a Teachers’ Choice Award from Learning Magazine® – the only awards program that is exclusively judged by teachers in the classroom. With over 1,000 pages of material, you can choose to do just a few of the activities – or try them all!

Designed for students in grade levels K-8, the Activity Guides introduce important science concepts through hands-on activities and real-world connections. The guides are divided into two manuals by grade level (K-4 and 5-8), and each contain 30+ lesson plans for activities that you can do with your students—using materials found at most grocery or big-box stores—to  build their understanding of chemistry and general science. Each lesson plan contains supplemental science content to help you feel comfortable presenting the material. Beyond inquiry-based activities, the guides contain activity sheets with answer keys, vocabulary, and more!

And best of all, the Activity Guides are completely FREE. Produced by the Chemical EducationalFoundation® (CEF), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting youth science education, the Activity Guides can be downloaded (as a whole or as individual lessons) from the CEF website. You can also order a flash drive with all of the content pre-loaded for $10 (cost of production/shipping).

Try the Activity Guides with your kids today! If you have any questions about the materials or about CEF, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, either via e-mail (comments@chemed.org) or by phone at 703/ 527-6223.

-CEF Staff
Get your FREE Science Activity Guides HERE!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Learn Math Fast System!

Math can be a tricky subject to grasp for some students, it has many concepts to learn and memorize.  Today I am introducing to you Mick Mergens from the Learn Math Fast system.  His wife has developed a system for all ages through all the grades, chalk full of tips and tricks and methods to grasp the numbers in an easier way!  There have been so many great testominals on this system!  Take a look....

My name is Mick Mergens. My wife and I homeschooled our son until the day
he started college; at age 16! At that point, his math skills were so strong,
he was hired on as one of the College Math Tutors. He went on to earn
three college degrees and today he is a full time engineer.

My wife had her own unique way of teaching math and when I saw how well it
worked for our son, I encouraged her to write her entire method in a series of books.
I told her to write a curriculum so everyone could teach math the way she did.

In 2010 my wife, JK Mergens, unveiled her math program and we named it the
Learn Math Fast System.  Since then, it has sold in all 50 US States and 9 other countries,
and oh my word! You would not believe the feedback we are getting!
People from across the globe are sending emails thanking her for this system!
Children who were lost and in tears over math are now enjoying and
understanding it for the first time. They tell how they have tried many other
curricula, but none of them have worked until the *Learn Math Fast System*.
Search the Internet for independent reviews!

I'm reaching out to as many educators and homeschoolers as I can to let them know about
this program, so they too can help their struggling students. Every book comes with a "No questions
asked, 60-day money back guarantee," but RARELY are they ever returned.  These books cover
1st to 11th grade math, in a way you've never seen before (High School Geometry will
be available later this year).

We have a placement test, sample pages, and full details on our website.

~Mick Mergens


Monday, March 3, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Activities

St. Patrick's Day is coming up!  Here is a Round Up of all the fun activities Rockabye Butterfly have done, hopefully giving you more ideas for this green lucky occasion!

Just click on the picture (or the hyperlink) on the activity you want, it will lead you to the post where all the instructions and photos are for that activity!

Shamrock printable link and rhymes for your Felt Board, and lots of ideas for St. Patrick's Day file folder games.


Stain Glass Shamrock craft and a tutorial on how to make Rainbow Rice for a sensory bin or a craft!


A recipe on how to make Rainbow Cupcakes and a How-To for Shamrock Pancakes for a green Shamrock muffin tin lunch!


Using heart cookie cutters to make clover paint prints and a Celtic cross craft!


Making a Rainbow with paint chip cards and a Recipe for homemade Green Kool-Aid Play Dough!


A Rainbow made out of coloured Hand Prints and a tutorial on how to make Rainbow Pancakes!

Melted Crayon Rainbow Art and a step by step guide on how to make Rainbow dry Noodles for Necklaces!

A Rainbow Xylophone and a Popsicle Rainbow Craft!


Letter R for Rainbow, this post has lots of rainbow learning activities and a link to get all the printables!


Practising the colours of the rainbow with lots of hands-on learning activities!

Using a shamrock cookie cutter to make painted prints and Making a Shamrock Wall Hanging with tissue paper!


Baking Rainbow Cookies and another fun St. Patrick's muffin tin lunch!


Making a Green Sand Art Shamrock and Sewing a Felt Shamrock decoration!


And don't forget to get download your FREE Hand-drawn Printables!!!
Click here for a post and the link to my St. Patrick's Day Printable set!!

Recently Butterfly and I have been playing this St. Patrick's Grid Game which you can download HERE.

Roll the giant dice, the amount on the die is the amount of green bingo chips (or any marker) the child puts on the leprechauns until the whole board is filled.  Learning left to right and row by row. This counting activity can be played alone or with a friend(s) by taking turns!  I like that in the Grid Games no one is a winner or loser, all team mates have the same goal- to fill the board!

Here is our St. Patricks Pinterest Board  that has more ideas!  Come follow us! :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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